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Videntifier Nexus

Unmatched video and image identification

The Videntifier Nexus platform is the complete solution to every video and image identification need. From harmful content moderation to copyright infringement, Nexus provides online platforms, hotlines, and law enforcement with accurate and easy-to-integrate content identification technology. Start making your side of the web a safer, more secure place to be. 

A full suite of video and image identification tools

Videntifier Nexus is a fully comprehensive repertoire of video/image identification tools specifically designed for a breadth of use cases. Our 7-phase approach ensures that these tools are always operating at max capacity. The Nexus platform can deliver your organization exactly the content identification tools it needs to streamline processes, comply with safety regulations, support mental health, and save lives. 

1. Platform infrastructure

The initial step is implementation. Here, we'll set up platform authentication/authorization, your platform account and user management, and basic UI. We can also customize your implementation to fit your organization's needs. 


2. Risk assessment

The increasing concern for online safety is asking online platforms to answer the question: Are you running a clean site? Videntifier Nano helps stop harmful content from spreading while helping you quickly comply with online safety regulations. 


The most powerful harmful content risk assessment tool

30% of child sexual abuse victims report being recognized by someone who has seen their abuse video. This is a direct result of unoptimized platforms unknowingly contributing to the spread of harmful content. It's time to put a stop to this. 


3. Continuous monitoring 

Define your identification pipeline, what business logic rules relate to matching of that pipeline, and what content reference collections you use. Our technology allows users to put their custom logic on top of the matching, as well as automate submission of reports.

4. Unknown content handling 

Leverage the power of Videntifier Nexus hash-matching technology combined with various AI capabilities. Videntifier Nexus provides fast and accurate identification of all previously identified harmful content, freeing up AI to handle unknown content identification.  

5. Manual content  moderation

There will always be a need for some manual content moderation effort - we want users to be able to address that from within one platform. Videntifier Nexus streamlines manual moderation processes and cuts down the amount of potentially traumatizing content moderators are faced with. 

“[Videntifier] was the most technically capable solution that we looked at for video comparison . . . and has, as a company, been a wonderful NCMEC partner, fully engaged, an almost integral part of our technology team.”

Derek Bezy, VP of NCMEC’s Technology Division

6. Collection administration 

Some of users may want to have their own content reference collections outside of what trusted flaggers offer. Videntifier Nexus allows for complete customization, enabling our team to help you effectively administrate reference collections that serve your needs. 


7. Streaming support

Videntifier Nexus is able to monitor live streams with extreme accuracy. Ensure safety in real time with frame-by-frame video identification that will help you catch harmful content before it is reposted and spread across the web. 

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