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Ad Monitoring

Visual fingerprinting for TV and digital advertisement monitoring

Our visual fingerprinting and detection services help television and streaming providers track and monitor TV advertisements With continuous fingerprinting, telecommunications companies are able to build an accurate and effective set of analytics for leveraging the full value of advertisement streams. 

Empowering telecoms with powerful video identification

Realtime broadcast 
visibility and tracking


Ad performance monitoring

Telecom companies can track and analyze how ads are being displayed, where they are being shown, and how often they appear.

Ad compliance and brand monitoring 

Comply with advertising regulations and ensure that all ads are associated with appropriate brand standards.

Copyright and piracy detection

Monitor unauthorized use of ads or identify if their competitors are using their content without permission.

Síminn telecoms leverages visibility over broadcasting

Learn how Síminn telecommunications optimized ad monitoring with Videntifier continuous fingerprinting and query portal.


Monitoring made possible with Videntifier visual fingerprinting 


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