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Visual Fingerprinting for Image and Video Identification

Supercharge your identification tools with Videntifier hash technology 

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Our state-of-the-art hash technology allows law enforcement, hotlines, and proprietary image-identification companies to build comprehensive hash databases of submitted media. These entities and more can use our technology as an add-on with other types of identification platforms/tools to accurately search for known illegal content and remove it before it causes harm. 

Putting web safety, copyright detection, and ad monitoring back in your hands

Compared to more primitive methods of video and image identification, our unrivaled, highly advanced approach provides your staff with the ability to quickly search newly reported content against our reference server, instantly detecting known content to help you ensure its removal.

Benefits of integrating visual fingerprinting into your identification system

 Safeguard data

Only hash values are shared between submitter and reviewer. The content's actual material is kept safe, while still providing highly accurate matching

Protect your staff

Content moderators, analysts, and law enforcement are no longer subjected to reviewing traumatizing content. Support staff mental health with trauma-blocking hash tech.

Save lives

Hashes are a fast and efficient way to build a database of known illegal material. This can be used for both copyright purposes and  addressing ongoing digital abuse.



Harmful content



Copyright detection


Ad monitoring for telecoms


Videntifier enhances victim identification with unrivaled hash technology 

Our hash technology is used by NCMEC analysts to identify child sexual abuse material online. With comprehensive and effective hashing, NCMEC rescues victims faster, helps curb the spread of illicit material, and saves analysts from constantly being subjected to potentially traumatizing material.

Search and identify content against any image or video, regardless of the type of alteration  


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