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Influencer Monitoring
and Brand Protection

Optimize budgeting and protect assets

Track and analyze the digital content shared by your hired influencers. Our visual fingerprinting technology can help your organization ensure brand consistency, monitor copyright infringement, and analyzing influencer engagement across multiple  platforms. 

Ensure your brand is represented in the right context 

Focus content promotion on the products influencers use

Detect when an influencer has modified provided content

Granular analysis and reporting of influencer activities

Set the right expectations 
with your influencers


"Our technology is currently performing at pace with a 99+% detection rate."

Einar Sigurdsson

Business Development, Videntifier 

Real-time monitoring made possible with visual fingerprinting 

Telecom companies can track and analyze how ads are being displayed, where they are being shown, and how often they appear. Comply with advertising regulations and ensure that all ads are associated with appropriate brand standards.


Our partners



Analytics platforms

Ready to eliminate reliance on cookies? 

Leverage realtime ad monitoring to help you get a leg up on your advertisement data. Track and monitor TV advertisements with continuous visual fingerprinting.

Talk to an expert

Ready to take control over your assets and budget? Contact one of our experts to get things rolling. 


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