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A Light in the Darkest Corners of the Web 

A powerful video identification tool for helping hotlines process abusive content

Everyday, hotline content analysts are inundated with an avalanche of reported CSAM and similar types of abusive content, making it impossible to effectively keep track of what content has already been reported. Our video identification tool allows hotlines to automate distinction between unique material and content that already exists on their database, regardless of whether the video or image in question has been modified. 

Prioritize newly reported material and address ongoing abuse

By automating your review procedures, our video identification technology dramatically reduces the need to expose analysts to disturbing illegal imagery and increases efficiency over identifying victims of illegal content. Our technology quickens the pace of sending information to law enforcement while ensuring repeatedly uploaded and reported media no longer bogs down the process of addressing new material. 

Helping hotlines save lives

  • Reduce human exposure to traumatizing content

  • Optimize your review team's processes

  • Hasten rescue of victims and incarceration of perpetrators

  • Accurately classify media - known vs. unknown

  • Efficiently relay information to law enforcement

Videntifier enhances victim identification at NCMEC

We partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to provide a visual fingerprinting solution that can help stop the spread of duplicated child abuse material online.

Match types available for hotline analysts

Compared to more primitive methods of video identification, our unrivaled, highly advanced approach can help your review teams search against the full extent of interconnected databases, allowing for thorough tracing of incoming reports.

Abusive content is fingerprinted and saved as hash file in a provider's database

Data provider server

Videntifier query portal

Your review team can then search newly reported content against a provider's reference database via Videntifier's query portal

Posted content

Reference material

The importance of automating hotline review 

Hotline analysts review thousands of disturbing images everyday. Not only does this predispose them to suffering from trauma-based psychological conditions, it is also a slow and inefficient process. Our technology is dedicated to automating analysis and review to save hotline workers from trauma and find victims faster.

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