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Videntifier Nexus
Identify illegal visual media. Stop abuse in its tracks.

Monitor, detect, and quickly respond to illegal digital content. Videntifier Nexus combines powerful identification technology with a comprehensive set of hash databases to create a revolutionary video and image matching solution, designed to tackle any image identification use case. 

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Nexus in action

Videntifier Nexus speeds up investigations for law enforcement

A recent Police Foundation report warned that the volume of online child sexual a buse offenses is now so great that it has “simply overwhelmed the ability of law enforcement agencies to respond”. This case study describes how a European law enforcement agency is tackling this issue using Videntifier’s visual content identification technology, the Videntifier Nexus Platform for Law Enforcement


Access to extensive hash databases

Nexus Core, our extensive hash database, enables diverse entities — from law enforcement to digital platforms and regulatory agencies — to tap into a shared pool of information. This collaborative approach amplifies the effectiveness of each organization's efforts to monitor, detect, and act against the spread of harmful content.

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Enhanced video and image identification 

Partial Matching: Identify content even if only fragments of the original video are available, greatly enhancing detection capabilities.


Cross-Media Matching: Quickly and accurately match videos against images/still frames and vice versa. 


Modified Video Detection: Our system is extremely adept in identifying content that is deliberately modified to avoid match recognition.

An inherently secure database 

One of the great benefits of hash matching is that it is inherently secure. Nexus core only contains each image/video’s corresponding hash code, meaning that no party on either side of the database will be able to see any actual visual content.

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“[Videntifier] was the most technically capable solution that we looked at for video comparison . . . and has, as a company, been a wonderful NCMEC partner, fully engaged, an almost integral part of our technology team.”

Derek Bezy, VP of NCMEC’s Technology Division


Accurate identification

no matter what

Our technology is capabale of identifying any video or image, regardless of the level of modification.


The Nexus mission

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Identify. Protect. Collaborate.

Accurately scan for harmful content 


Powerful identification solutions are crucial for entities tasked with moderating online spaces or conducting digital investigations, ensuring quick video and image matching even when such content is altered or disguised.

Guard against abuse imagery


Preemptively safeguard users and help rescue victims of image-based abuse, preventing the proliferation of this content across the internet.  Maintain a safe online space, uphold legal obligations, and ensure user trust and security.

Share in collective action


Our extensive hash databases is a cornerstone for collaborative efforts in combating harmful and illegal digital content. Test newly reported images against a vast network of known harmful media to quickly trace and take down.

Plans & pricing

Free plan

  • Up to 3,000 monthly queries

  • Support for both image and video queries

  • Access to query dashboard

  • Access to query API

License cost

No cost

Pro plan

  • All included in Free

  • Usage reporting via email

  • Email support during office hours

  • Access to query API

License cost

Base cost $100 /month

Additional cost based on the number of monthly queries. 

Content moderation

  • All included in Pro, plus . . .

  • Custom database to store your organization's hashes

  • Option to add customer info queries

License cost

Cost based on the number of monthly queries and size of custom database.

Law Enforcement

  • Custom software run on premises for deduplication and identification 

  • Works on air-gapped systems

  • Local custom database for your organization's hashes

  • Can interface with cloud-based hash databases for content identification

  • Integrates with forensics tools

License cost

Contact for more info

Hotlines and NGOs

  • 2,000,000 monthly queries

  • Access to all hash databases

  • Custom database for your organization's hashes

  • Access to query dashboard

  • Simple UI to query individual images and videos

  • Access to query API

  • Option to share hashes in separate database

License cost

No cost. 

Redefining digital vigilance for a safer online world
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