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Run a Clean Platform

Advanced visual fingerprinting technology for online service providers

Our unmatched video identification tool gives online platforms the ability to search reference database collections of known harmful and copyrighted content against newly posted media to ensure illegal material is swiftly taken down. Meet compliance with existing and upcoming regulations by streamlining your platform’s content identification capabilities. 

Quickly identify and remove illegal content 

The internet’s exponential growth over the last decade has made it exceedingly difficult for platforms to track and take down harmful illegal content such as Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), Terrorism and Violent Extremist Content (TVEC), and Non-consensual Intimate Imagery (NCII), as well as copyrighted content such as pirated media and stolen images. And without a tool that can effectively and efficiently identify these types of content, its victims are in turn subjected to extended durations of abuse. 


In an effort to help quell the spread of both harmful and copyrighted content online, our video identification tool can provide you with a powerful and streamlined method of tracking and removing illegal content posted to your platform.

Benefits of our video & image identification solution:

  • Stop the upload of harmful and copyrighted content

  • Detect harmful/illegal content

  • Avoid accidental harboring of illegal content 

  • Reduce analysts’ exposure to traumatizing content by automating the moderation process  

  • Provide leads to help law enforcement follow the distribution of harmful content

A unique approach to streamlined detection

Compared to more primitive methods of video identification, our unrivaled, highly advanced approach provides platforms with the ability to quickly search newly posted content against a data provider's reference server to detect illegal content and ensure its removal.

 Illegal content 

Data provider

Videntifier query portal

Posted content

Highlights of our technology

  • Leverage superior hashing: Less robust hashing methods, such as MD5, PhotoDNA, PDQ, and TMK, are not nearly as resilient in identifying modified content. Our solution is extremely effective in identifying video content despite significant modifications and can identify short clips from longer videos, often only needing a single frame for accurate detection. 

  • Access multiple databases: Search against multiple databases using a single query. More databases can be added without the user having to make any changes to his system.

  • Search for multiple types of content: While competitor solutions tend to focus on a single type of content, like CSAM or TVEC, our partnerships with multiple data providers enable you to search media against multiple types of content. 

Reference material

The online landscape is changing

New legislations for ensuring online safety are on their way, with some already in effect. Our visual fingerprinting tool helps platforms meet compliance and avoid fines of up to £18m or 10% of global annual turnover (whichever is higher) by enabling fast, accurate identification of harmful or copyrighted content. 

Bretland loggjof.gif

Online Safety Bill (UK)

EU loggjof.gif

Digital Services Act (EU)

EU loggjof.gif

Article 17 EU Copyright Directive 

global loggjof.gif

New proposed legislations to fight child abuse material 

Platforms with user-generated content 

Our technology is specially designed to help hosts of user-generated content build visibility over what gets posted on their site. We can provide a quick, actionable to solution to ensuring illegal content is taken down and stays down.

Platform features that risk harboring illegal content 

  • Open posting of content

  • Direct messaging, or the ability to contact any of a particular platform’s users

  • Live streaming

  • Active feed of user-generated content

Types of platforms at risk of harboring illegal content

  • Social media companies 

  • Large search engines 

  • Streaming services 

  • Forums

  • Dating apps

  • Online gaming

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