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Copyright Infringement Detection with Visual Fingerprinting

Combat copyright infringement with cutting-edge identification tools

Our visual fingerprinting and identification technology leverages the power and depth of multiple copyright content databases for fast detection of images illegally circulating across the web. We help content creators and anti-piracy agencies take back control over intellectual and legal property that has been unjustly stolen, duplicated, and altered to avoid detection. 

Visual fingerprinting puts copyright protection back in your hands

Benefits of using Videntifier for copyright detection

Protect content Integrity

From Hollywood to YouTube, content creators can identify instances infringement, image tampering, or unauthorized alterations, preserving the original work's authenticity.

Automatic detection and enforcement

Detect unauthorized usage to support quicker takedown notices, cease-and-desist actions, or other legal measures. Streamline you copyright protection process.

Reduce false positives 

The unique and powerful character of our hashes ensures that only identical or substantially similar matches trigger potential infringements, reducing the chances of flagging innocent or legally used images.

Videntifier helps France's leading anti-piracy agency clean up TikTok

Our image and video fingerprinting technology came in handy for France's leading anti-piracy organization, Blue Efficience. With our combined expertise, Blue Efficience took down 30,000 copyright videos on TikTok in 2022.  

Types of copyright-matching made possible with Videntifer hash technology


Leverage superior hashing: Less robust hashing methods, such as strict hashes and perceptual hashes, are not nearly as resilient in identifying modified content. Our solution is extremely effective in identifying video content despite significant modifications and can identify short clips from longer videos, often only needing a single frame for accurate detection. 

Access multiple databases: Search against multiple databases using a single query. More databases can be added without the user having to make any changes to his system.

Multi-use-case application: Hash illegal, harmful, and/or copyrighted content for a multifaceted image identification solution.

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