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Our identification technology and extensive hash database works together to create a comprehensive video and image matching solution, equipping organizations with complete visibility and control over visual content.

Redefining digital vigilance for a safer online world

Videntifier Nexus: The complete video and image identification platform

Unrivaled video-matching


Using our unique approach to hash technology, organizations can search reference databases, such as the NCMEC CSAM database, against newly posted media to ensure harmful or copyrighted content is taken down and stays down.



Harmful content identification

Our unmatched video identification tool gives law enforcement, online platforms, and hotlines the ability to search reference database collections of known harmful content against newly posted media to ensure illegal material is swiftly taken down. 

Copyright infringement  detection

Our visual fingerprinting and identification technology leverages the power and depth of multiple copyright content databases for fast detection of images illegally circulating across the web. 


Ad monitoring for telecoms

We help television and streaming providers track and monitor TV advertisements. Build an accurate and effective set of analytics for leveraging the full value of advertisement streams. 

Integrate with AI

Our technology also acts as an add-on with other types of identification platforms/tools, helping create the ultimate solution to content moderation and other content identification use cases. 

Working together to create a safer, more secure web


Videntifier enhances victim identification at NCMEC

We partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to provide a visual fingerprinting solution that can help stop the spread of duplicated child abuse material online. 

Videntifier vs. other identification tools 

When posting copyrighted or harmful content online, the poster will often modify or alter the image to elude content moderators' ever-watchful eyes. But not to worry - our technology is very robust. Compared to more primitive types of image and video identification solutions, our approach to visual fingerprinting allows us to see through any type modified image. 

Ensure compliance 

New legislations for ensuring online safety are on their way, with some already in effect. Our visual fingerprinting tool helps platforms meet compliance and avoid fines of up to £18m or 10% of global annual turnover (whichever is higher) by enabling fast, accurate identification of harmful or copyrighted content. 

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Online Safety Bill (UK)

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Digital Services Act (EU)

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Article 17 EU Copyright Directive 

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New proposed legislations to fight child abuse material 

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