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Large-scale video identification with unmatched accuracy


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Our Technology

Through the combination of our visual fingerprinting technology and our patented database technology, we offer a service with unmatched capabilities


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Build your reference collection and search it against any video or image

Match millions of
videos & images

Videntifier's specially patented search engine works to identify videos and images despite modifications like cropping, rotation, mirror and more.

Fast & scalable

Our rich descriptor technology was built for performance and scalability, so regardless of the size of your data collection, we can handle it!


How it works

Keep your database secure

We do the work without storing any of your data. That means you can rest easy, knowing your information stays private and protected.


Who is Videntifier for?


  • Secure your artwork against suspected piracy

  • Protect your live streams in real-time

  • Instantly identify copyright violations without using watermarks

Copyright protection agencies

Law enforcement


  • Search harmful videos without exposing your staff

  • Bypass most alterations designed to disguise illegal content


Content moderation companies

  • Locate harmful content within videos

  • Quickly identify known videos and images

  • Streamline processing of visual media and limit exposure to harmful content


Discover what we can do for your content management needs.

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