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Iceland's Largest Telecoms Company Builds Automation and Visibility into Ad Monitoring

Updated: Mar 27

A 99+% success rate in ad identification and tracking using Videntifier technology

Síminn—previously Landssíminn and Póstur og Sími—is the largest telecommunications company in Iceland. The company works with both private and corporate entities providing a broad range of communication services, including mobile, landline, and internet. Upholding Iceland’s historically enthusiastic attitude toward ever-evolving communications technology and always providing its customers with nothing short of quality, it’s safe to say that Síminn is a vital player in Iceland’s communications infrastructure.

Perhaps the holy grail of their many communications services, Síminn is also responsible for operating several TV channels and streaming services. As comes part and parcel with all modern channel-based and internet television, the question of how to successfully monitor client ads is always big on telecom’s plate, and is exactly the reason Síminn and Videntifier teams came together to build a fully encompassing and efficient ad detection solution.

The state of modern TV ad monitoring

Ad monitoring is vital to any telecoms agency interested in helping their advertising clients ensure their ads are effective, and that they’re reaching appropriate audiences. Telecom companies like Síminn tend to use ad monitoring to track advertisement distribution and measure performance, resulting in sharp data and analytics reports that help advertisers and telecoms agencies alike make informed, strategic decisions.

However, effectively tracking ads is easier said than done. Oftentimes, tv advertisements are played according to an algorithm, making it hard for advertisers and telecoms to build an accurate map of who is advertising on which channel, when the ad played, and how the ad performed. A famous saying amongst advertisers, "I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; I just don't know which half" effectively communicates the difficulty in accurately measuring the effectiveness of advertising efforts and identifying which specific campaigns or ad types are delivering the intended results.

Specifically, advertisers are interested in gaining insight into how to optimize ROI, evaluate performance, identify wasted spending, and better understand their audiences generally.

Monitoring what is seen: What TV ad detection is all about

Advertisers need to verify

Marketers like to know

Videntifier monitoring

Social media platform needs

Full-scale filtering for social media

Track streaming at end point

Copyright holders rights

Tracking of use of copyrighted media

Identify, count and check completion of advertisements


Mapping use to monetization

Monetization opportunities

Detection of stream rebroadcasting

The challenge

The need for thoroughly monitored ad broadcasting

Several years back, Siminn began working with us on a project where our video identification technology would be used to monitor exactly when items on the broadcast schedule started, and this information would then be used to adjust the EPG data utilized by Siminn. However, the EPG project was soon put to the side, and just months later we began working on a project of much higher urgency.

Síminn needed to be able to effectively and thoroughly monitor broadcasted TV advertisements played on all local channels, but did not have a solution that could do this automatically. Síminn had been putting much blood, sweat, and tears into more or less manual methods of ad monitoring, and had become severely fatigued.

The solution

Giving advertising data a leg to stand on

Síminn gave our team access to 14 local TV channels, which we are able to monitor in real time as advertisements are broadcast. Our hash matching technology searches live advertisements against those stored in our extensive database; whenever there is a hit, we notify Síminn immediately, letting them add the detected instance to their analytics.

With Videntifier video matching, Síminn is able to automate their monitoring processes to drastically improve their services:

  1. Efficiently gather statistics on all TV advertisements for all local TV stations

  2. Improve visibility over whose ads are playing on which channel

  3. Collect data on how many individuals view an advertisement during a single instance

  4. Ensure contractual fulfillment between advertising clients

Síminn leverages prime visibility over client ads

A common problem in TV advertising is knowing whether or not the appropriate ad showed on the appropriate channel at the appropriate time. There can be misfirings and failed broadcasts, both of which directly infringe upon contractual agreements between telecoms and advertisers.

The root of this problem lies in the inherent lack of visibility over ads; the only way to truly know whether an ad was broadcast on the appropriate channel at the appropriate time is to make sure you’re there to watch it live. But with Videntifier, Síminn is able to accurately track scheduled ads, and are notified as soon as they go live.

With this solution, Síminn is able to offer unheard of visibility to their advertising clients, who can then rest assured that their budgets add up to money well spent.

Metrics: A 99+% success rate

Our technology is currently performing at pace with the following:

  • Monitoring 14 channels around the clock

  • Provides Síminn with broadcast data in less than 3 seconds from the time an ad goes live

  • The detection rate is 99+%

  • No false positives yet

In addition to these metrics, we can proudly report that Síminn is enjoying a significant decrease in the need for manual processes, as monitoring these channels manually would call for an inefficient amount of manpower—not to mention the identification time would be slower (not in near real-time) and the chances of errors would be much higher (both missed identifications and wrong versions of ads being identified).

The result

Building confidence back into TV advertising

Síminn is now able to provide advertising clients with unprecedented visibility into their ad placements. The nagging uncertainty expressed in the famous adage, "I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; I just don't know which half," is effectively dispelled. Advertisers can now rest assured that their budgets are translating into tangible results, as Síminn's robust monitoring solution ensures contractual fulfillment with clear insights into optimal audience engagement.

Síminn’s journey towards automated ad monitoring stands as a testament to the power of technological innovation and effective team collaboration. By harnessing technology to overcome a visibility gap that has plagued telecoms and TV advertising for decades, Síminn has set a new industry standard. As we move forward in our relationship with telecoms, we hope to further illuminate a path for greater efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction in the realm of ad monitoring.


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