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There is a way to make a living, and there is a way to make a difference. 

  • Ensure harmful or copyrighted content is taken down and stays down

  • Comply with upcoming regulations

  • Automate content moderation and reduce analysts' exposure to traumatizing content

Videntifier and NCMEC

We partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to provide a visual fingerprinting solution that can help stop the spread of duplicated child abuse material online.

Our partners 

Creating a safer, more secure web


Who is Videntifier for? 

One technology. Multiple applications.

Online platforms

Law enforcement



New legislations for ensuring online safety are on their way, with some already in effect. Our visual fingerprinting tool helps platforms meet compliance and avoid hefty fines by enabling fast, accurate identification of image-based content. 

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Online Safety Bill (UK)

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Digital Services Act (EU)

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Article 17 EU Copyright Directive 

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New proposed legislations to fight child abuse material 

Our technology

And how it works

Using our unique approach to hash technology, organizations can search their reference database against newly posted media to ensure harmful or copyrighted content is taken down and stays down. 

Reference database

Posted content


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