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Get additional information about the movies, shows and broadcasts you are watching. In an instant – on your smart TV, phone, or computer. Videntifier TV recognizes the exact scene, and provides you with name of the episode, cast, summary, and more. Works on any source - whether you are watching a broadcast channel, Youtube, or from your hard drive. Videntifier also helps you to discover new and exciting shows, movies, and channels.

Warner bros, 1999



Direct purchases and exclusive offers


Pebble/Fitbit 2015

Videntifier means better free TV. Ad-supported TV will actually be relevant to what you’re watching, down to the second: Get offers for local concert tickets with the artist in that music video. Get discounts on TV series when you’re watching a trailer you like. Get the tools and equipment needed for that DIY tutorial on YouTube. Watching your favorite chef? Have the ingredients sent over, or find classes that teach the cooking style.



Videntifier unifies video and builds community

Tweet the scene that's playing and discover what your friends have tweeted as you watch. Leave comments on the timeline of the shows you’re watching. Discuss the latest developments in the hottest series, or the cinematography in your favorite film - no matter what source you’re watching: YouTube, Netflix, or a BluRay disc.


HBO, 2014


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share your view and Affect the outcome

NBC, 2014

Videntifier TV simplifies realtime voting by instantly connecting you to the vote. Vote for your champion - cast your vote in talent competitions, pick the athlete of the tournament or even affect the plot. Either at home on your Smart TV, or on the go via mobile. Just snapshot a screen in front of you and Videntifier connects you with the vote.



Desktop, mobile, Smart TV.


What's playing right now? Videntifier tells you at the press of a button. Regardless of source - Internet TV, cable, satellite, alternative sources, or YouTube. Any source, any origin.

Videntifier is cutting-edge visual identification technology that runs on everything from smartphones to servers.

Fully-visual media recognition, as accurate as the human eye. Lightning-fast, down-to-the second identification. Vast recognition databases. Videntifier works like magic. Click here for more info on the technology.