Let Videntifier give you recommendations on content that fits your interests. We find relevant content everywhere, for example on TV broadcasts, video platforms (Youtube or DailyMotion), on-demand streaming services (Netflix, Amazon), or local sources.


LIVE STREAM Interaction

Watching a live game? Push a button to see info like league statistics, player bios, or team colors. Or leave a comment on that tackle the judge missed.


dive deeper

What’s the symbolism in that scene? Who was James Bond’s tailor, and where can I buy those sneakers? That dress, that watch, that table? How old is Clint Eastwood in that movie? Where is that shot taken, what lens did they use, who manned the camera? What does the script say for that exact scene? Videntifier finds the moment and tells you everything.

FX, 2014


Marvel, 2012


Missed the first half of the movie your friends are watching? Take a phone snapshot, let Videntifier recognize the movie and give you a digest of the plot until that moment. Then the movie will be available in your video bookmarks. Watch it at home later, or on the train to work.



What movie is on that ancient videotape you dug out of a crate in the attic? Videntifier figures it out. Just hook up the VCR to your Smart TV and push Identify. Automatically download subtitles and let Videntifier sync them to the movie. Or just let us find you a HD release of it to watch online.


alternative sources

Where’s that obscure YouTube clip from? That 2-second GIF? That dense video mashup? Videntifier will tell you down to the second. Instantly find the full movie. Watch it now or save it for later.