EPG DATA Correction




Improve the customer EXPERIENCE


Lower cost through automation


Unleash new revenue streams

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Product overview

identify content and correct EPG data provided by metadata providers.


The extremely accurate time markers greatly improve the customer experience when they are used to correct the catchup tv assets. They allow the user to get exactly the content that they requested, without having to fast forward through irrelevant content.


The data created by Videntifier can be used to provide new services and revenue opportunities. By identifying and differentiating between ads and content, it is possible to enable the user to instantly skip the ads to get to the content.


Videntifier can open up new revenue opportunities for platforms by enforcing ad breaks during playback of catch up tv assets and recorded content or even to insert new ads programmatically and based on the customer's individual profile. 

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unlimited scale 

By using the proprietary feedbox component, a large amount of live and catalog content can be monitored by Videntifier, in a simple and efficient process that guarantees content security. 


unrivalled recognition power

Videntifier's patent protected core technology and processes instantly create a down to the second, and real time, overview of the content played out, across hundreds of channels simultaneously

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Ready to deploy

Proven value

Videntifier's technology is deployed and has been proven to provide effective EPG correction with success, greatly improving the customer experience. 


"By enabling content identification we can improve our EPG data handling and provide efficient content interactivity solutions." - Eric Figueras, CTO Síminn


ecosystem compliant

Videntifier's EPG data correction works with any EPG data formats and most middleware solutions. Videntifier adheres to the highest degree of content security and works with industry leaders to continuously add features to the service.


intuitive setup and management

The EPG data correction events are continuously sent to the operator via RESTful HTTP API. To monitor the performance of the EPG data correction system, and to administer its functions, a user interface is provided.

Please contact us for a tour of our user interface.