ad-monitoring and contractual fulfillment

Monitor real time distribution of content and ads down to the second on multiple channels


Track ad and content distribution 


lower cost due to contractual violations

Build a complete picture with live TV data

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Product overview

Compare your ads to the market to identify successful strategies and channels for your own brand.


Identify the most effective channels for your own brand, follow the market or get ahead of the trend.


Instantly react to competitors  with smart and detailed information about their marketing priorities.

Track your ads to automatically guarantee that all contracts are fulfilled. 

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large scale 

By using the proprietary FeedBox component, a large amount of live and catalog content can be monitored by Videntifier in a simple and efficient process that guarantees content security. 


unrivalled recognition power

Videntifier's patent protected core technology and processes instantly create a down to the second and real time overview of the content played out across hundreds of channels simultaneously

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Ready to deploy

Easy-to-use interface

Videntifier AirtimeTM automatically brings up the most relevant data in a clear and intuitive user interface. 


Automatic marking of ads and content

Videntifier AirtimeTM uses patented methods to automatically detect new ads and classify them using Videntifier's advanced computer vision and content detection algorithms. A team of dedicated editors maintains the quality of metadata and fills in the gaps.